Things to do in Muskoka

22 Things To Do In Muskoka

Whether or not you have had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful region of Ontario that is Muskoka, one of Canada’s finest vacation and tourist areas, you will never be left wanting and you will always be counting the days until your return. A popular destination for getaway seekers from Toronto, GTA, Ontario and across the globe for many decades now the offerings of things to do in Muskoka is forever growing, however the region never loses it’s quintessential charm.

In Muskoka there is no shortage of fun things to do for you and the family for entertainment, relaxation, attractions, history, sightseeing, adventure and sports.

Although spending all day on one of Muskoka’s golf courses sounds like fun, it’s not all about playing the finest golf courses in Ontario though because there is so much on offer for all the family. And due to this vast choice, we have made it a little easier for you and put together a collection of fun things to do in Muskoka so there will be something suitable for everyone. And heck why not try and do all of the 22 things listed below.

No matter if you want to relax and soak in the scenery, have an adventure or play one of Muskoka’s golf courses and stay at a golf resort, you will find one of the suggestions below perfect for you.

So here are some some great attractions for you and your family to explore, if you want to learn a little more on a particular feature, simply follow the link and you will be able to read more and plan your next trip to Muskoka. The list of however is not conclusive and it’s in no particular hierarchy.



1 – Cycling through Muskoka

muskoka cycling trails

Muskoka’s undoubtedly one of Ontario’s leading biking adventure destinations with its picturesque roads to its extensive trail network, If road cycling is your cup of tea, check out these routes that pass through some of Muskoka’s most stunning countryside.

Looking for a leisurely trail bike ride? Georgian Bay Island and Arrowhead Provincial Park  have trails and bike rentals on site, perfect for those searching for a fun afternoon in a gorgeous Fall setting. Need to rent your bike? There are lots of locations across Muskoka to hire a bicycle click here for a list of rental facilities.

Looking for high action, high thrill mountain biking? Porcupine Ridge offers technical and challenging mountain biking trails for more experienced riders. Click here for all mountain bike trails
– See more at Discover Muskoka

2 – Tree Trekking

tree trekking Muskoka zip lining

Zip, climb, swing and stride on an unforgettable journey through the Muskoka’s forest. This thrilling adventure affords wonderful views as you go through a number of exciting and challenging obstacles in the colourful canopy of the Muskoka forest. There are two locations for Ziplining in Muskoka: Bracebridge at Santa’s Village Muskoka and Huntsville at Treetop Trekking 

3 – Plane Rides Above The Muskoka Lakes

georgian airways plane rides muskoka

Georgian Bay Airways can take you on memorable journey flying over the beautiful landscapes of Muskoka and Parry Sound, as well as the rugged coast line of Georgian Bay’s 30,000 islands, home of the world’s largest freshwater archipelago.

– See more at: Georgian Bay Airways


4 – Muskoka Swimming Spots

muskoka swimming spots

Tour Muskoka for the day and chances are the family will want a swim. There are many wonderful public spots, perfect for a swim in Muskoka’s lakes for all the family. Swims can be had at Gull Lake and Muskoka Beach parks near Gravenhurst; Bracebridge’s Bracebridge Bay Park, Kirby’s Beach and Bowyer’s Beach; and the Port Sydney Beach in Port Sydney, between Bracebridge and Huntsville to name a few.
See a list here of Muskoka Swimming Spots


5- Take a scenic drive

Muskoka Ontario Driving Tours

Driving Tour around Muskoka’s lakes? Except, perhaps, stopping for a lakeside picnic or a spot of shopping along the way.

Follow the link below and get six driving tours that take you around the beautiful Muskoka landscapes. Some other fun driving tours include a Barn Quilt Trail in Ryde, and the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery. – See more driving in Muskoka tours here: Discover Muskoka


6- Take a ride on a Historic Steamship – Real Muskoka Style

real muskoka steam ship bracbridge

Discover Muskoka aboard one of the steamships and hop aboard the amazing RMS Segwun, North America’s oldest operational steamship. Launch your curiosity on Wenonah II with all its modern conveniences. Muskoka Steamships offer a unique way to experience the wonderful region of Ontario that is Muskoka for all the family to enjoy. Learn more at Real Muskoka


7- Muskoka Breweries & Muskoka Lakes Winery

Muskoka Lakes winery

Muskoka’s known the world over for its homegrown food fare, including tasty treats like maple syrup and cranberries. But did you know Muskoka’s also famous for its fine craft beers and wines? Be sure to check out the seasonal beers from Lake of Bays and Muskoka Brewery. Sampling and tastings are always offered throughout regular business hours. Scheduled tours can be seen at: Muskoka Lakes Winery and Muskoka Brewery:- See more at Discover Muskoka


8 – Dorset Lookout Tower, Dorset Muskoka

Dorset Lookout Tower, Dorset:

This is one of the best Muskoka stops for kids and adults alike with the best view of Muskoka and it’s lakes. The Dorset tower is a huge 30 Metres high and was once used to spot fires in the forests. Kids enjoy the 129 step climb and from the bottom or from the trek from dorset itself is you don’t wish to drive to the foot of the tower. See Algonquin Highlands to learn more and for directions


9 – Arts And Culture In Muskoka

Art tours in muskoka

Muskoka’s culture has long been a draw for artists and artisans. Take a tour of one of our local artists’ studio or gallery, and see first-hand how the region’s beauty inspires creativity. Learn more on art tours and galleries in Muskoka . Also see this video on Arts and culture in Muskoka.


10 – Wolf Howling in Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin park Wolves

Howl at the moon with the wolves!  Located between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, naturists gather every Thursday night in August for public wolf howls. Visitors meet at the park’s outdoor theatre to watch a slide show on the elusive animals, then drive to a spot where the wolves might answer some of the imitation calls. Learn more and book your spot at Algonquin Provincial Park


11 – Muskoka Heritage Place, Huntsville:

Muskoka Heritage Place Museum

Muskoka Heritage Place in Hunstville is a large outdoor site that recreates life in Muskoka in the 1800s. Costumed guides take families through its museum and pioneer dwellings. Kids make candles, pet the animals, and learn of pioneer and First Nations communities and they can board a Thomas-like steam train titled The Portage Flyer See Read more at Reader Digest Canada


12 -Maple Syrup Tapping

Maple Tree  tapping in Muskoka

With our cold winter coming to an end soon, it’s time for the glorious maple trees of Explorers’ Edge forests to bring forth their long-awaited nectar. Enjoy Canadian nature in the warmer days of March that brings hundreds of farmers and foodies out to enjoy the delights.. Learn more about tree tapping at Explorers Edge


13 – Canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park

Canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park

A canoe ride in Algonquin Park will be one of the most memorable things you can do in Muskoka: A wonderful, vast endless expanse of water, rock, and pine trees. Algonquin’s level of tourism affords good infrastructure and trip support which makes it especially family-friendly, and the park is so large that it’s almost always possible to find some solitude. Options range from short, easy paddles to multiday, self-supported backcountry canoe-camping trips.


14 – Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre, Gravenhurst:

muskoka boat and Heritage Centre, Gravenhurst

Grace & Speed is Muskoka’s new Boat and Heritage Centre. The museum within displays Muskoka’s marine history, the transportation early cottagers and resort-goers used around the turn of the last century. But most captivating for kids is the in-water display of beautiful old wooden boats, plus the boat bells and whistles kids are invited to have fun with
Learn more here Real Muskoka


15 – Santa’s Village, Bracebridge


Santa’s Village is a charming, geared for kids, amusement park that’s ideal for children aged 2 to 9 years old. There are lots of rides, all of them of miniature roller coaster, train, ferris wheel — as well as deer, slides, bouncy castles, a riverboat, paddle boats in Lemonade Lagoon, and of course, Santa Claus himself.  Older kids can be entertained at Sportsland, which is just next door where ziplining, go-karts and batting cages are all available. Learn more at;


16 – Muskoka Festival of the Sound

Muskoka sound festival

Parry Sound has been the epicentre for Canadian classical music for over 30 years, some of the world’s most renowned classical music artists have gathered for an annual summer event that has no equal in Canada. Under the direction of artistic director James Campbell, the Festival of the Sound has entertained thousands and it’s the perfect addition to your trip and things to do in Muskoka… Read more at Explorers Edge


17 – Spring Fishing in Muskoka

Muskoka fishing in Spring

The Big Three: Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph

This chain of lakes has lake trout, walleye , northern pike, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, muskie as well as perch and sunfish. The spring season can be great fishing for lake trout right after ice out and the Muskoka region offers anglers a fantastic variety of other fish to catch, and a whole bunch of different lakes to choose from. Read more about Fishing in Muskoka at Northern Ontario’s Website


18 – Muskoka Golf – Canada’s Finest Golf Destination

muskoka golf courses, Ridge at Manitou

Muskoka has several of Canada’s top 50 golf courses and resorts residing in the region and there is a golf course that will suit everyone of every level. You can spend your day wandering the fairways while the family enjoys one of the many activities that we have listed here or they can relax at one of the Golf Resorts in Muskoka. Here are just some of the holes on 9 of the top golf courses to play in Muskoka

There are many incredible holes to capture your imagination and challenge every area of your game on all the golf courses in Muskoka, but here are 9 that we think you should be on the look out for; 9 Memorable Holes On Muskoka Golf Courses


19 – IRONMAN Muskoka Triathlon

Muskoka Triathlon Ironman

You may not be up for the challenge itself but for some energetic entertainment and getting to see some world class athletes in action the Muskoka IRONMAN Triathlon will be great! Muskoka, Ontario, has been selected to host the fourteenth race in the IRONMAN® North American Series. The inaugural IRONMAN Muskoka triathlon will take place on Sunday, August 30, 2015. Don’t miss this spectacle! Learn more about the Muskoka Ironman here


20 Algonquin Moose Adventures

moose watching in Algonquin park muskoka

When the snow melts and spring arrives, iconic Canadian moose are almost guaranteed to come to the side of Algonquin’s Corridor (Highway #60) in search of salt that forms in puddles at the highway. If you visit Algonquin Provincial Park this spring, be sure to pack your camera (preferably one with a telephoto lens) so you can enjoy the wildlife memories for many years. Learn more at Explorers Edge 


21 – Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

If you’re looking for a memorable place to visit in the Parry Sound and Muskoka areas this summer, then look no further than the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. There are over 600 World Biosphere reserves in 117 countries, with 16 now in Canada. Designated by UNESCO in 2004 as a World Biosphere, it is a worthwhile visit for all.. Learn more about the Muskoka Biosphere here


22 – Stay at a Resort In Muskoka

Deerhurst Resort Muskoka

Here are some top rated resorts in Muskoka Family Resorts in Muskoka District – Resorts offer the perfect base for your stay in Muskoka with great facilities and things to do on the resort as well.

Severn Lodge Resort, Port Severn, Ontario. Severn Lodge is one of Ontario Canada’s premier lakeside resorts in the heart of the world famous Muskoka Georgian Bay lake district. Here, the air is clean, the water is crystal clear, the stars are bright, and the sunsets spectacular!

Deerhurst Resort is consistently voted as one of the best voted family resorts in Muskoka and for many good reasons. With beauty, entertainment for adults, parents and kids alike. It’s a great resort for a great Muskoka vacation. Learn more about Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka.


So there you have a lot of fun things to do in Muskoka for you and your family this year.
You can see there is a wide variety of entertainment and attractions no matter your interests or even your budget. Whether it is enjoying one of our fantastic golf courses in Muskoka or relaxing in the water or maybe soaking in some history, Muskoka has it all.
We look forward to seeing you soon!